Dead of Winter Demo: 5/28/15

Our awesome Dead of Winter leader is running another demo on Thursday and another player is bringing in a second copy for play. We don't have a sign up this time - it's a first come, first serve basis to get in on this great game. If you have a copy, feel free to bring it in.

Start: 7PM

L5R Constructed Tournament: 5/30/15

It's the end of the league. League members can get their last round of points in tonight (2 points for participation, 3 influence if you win with your league clan). At the end of the tournament, we will prize out both for the tournament and for the league.

Start: 6PM
Entry Fee: $8 League Members, $12 Non-League Members
Format: Constructed, Twenty Festivals Arc
Prize Out: (money is awarded as in-store credit)
  • 4 participants: Promos, $15 first place, 2 broken down packs to pick cards from.
  • 8 participants: Promos, $50 first place
  • 12 participants: Promos, $50 first place, $15 second, 3 broken down packs
  • 16 participants: Promos, $75 first place, $15 second, 3 broken down packs
L5R Demo Night: 6/2/15

We've had some requests for an L5R demo night. All players are welcome with an emphasis on brand new or beginning players. The more experienced players that come, the more new players we can teach. Spread the word to your friends and on your forums. We'd love to have a great turn out and share the L5R excitement.

Start: 6PM

Star Trek Attack Wing: Encounter at Farpoint: 6/2/15

Come play some Attack Wing tonight! We will be running the STAW: Encounter at Farpoint Month One OP Kit.

Start: 6:30PM
Squadron Size: 120points preconstructed
Entry Fee: $5 (no blinds)
Prize Support: Encounter at Farpoint Month One OP Kit

Fortune and Glory: Casual Play and Demo: 6/6/15

All experience levels welcome.

Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game is a fast-paced game of high adventure, vile villains, edge-of-your-seat danger, and cliffhanger pulp movie action. Players take on the role of a treasure hunter, traveling the globe in search of ancient artifacts and fending off danger and villains at every turn in a quest for the ultimate reward of fortune and glory!

If you buy Fortune and Glory tonight, you can buy a second game of equal or lesser value for 30% off.

Start: 6PM

Small World - Casual Play and Demo: 6/9/15

All experience levels welcome.

In Small World, players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all. That really sums up what is happening. Players choose a race and unique power and start trying to take over the board. This is a fun game. The learning curve isn't too steep and with just a couple of rounds, you're in the middle of the game having a great time!

If you buy Small World tonight, you can get a second game of equal or lesser value for 30% off.

Start: 7PM

L5R League: 4/3 - 5/30/15

It's a new league season and we're excited to watch as our local players get ready for Kotei competitions and incorporate the new Twenty Festivals cards. 

Free RPG Day: 6/20/15

This is an early call out for DMs, GMs, Storytellers, etc. Free RPG Day will be on Saturday, June 20th and we want to have a day full of games. If you would be willing to run a session of your favorite RPG, please contact us at If you'd like to run one of the games included with the Free RPG Day box, let us know.


WM/H - Path of Devastation: Broken Roads: 5/4 - 5/30/15

Broken Roads, the second of the four part Path of Devastation league, will be running 5/4 - 5/30/2015. Participation in the league means that players will get a participation pin. There are no inherent prizes in this league because hobby and game points go to building up a player's hero. However, we will be giving out some very basic prizes as well. For details on prizes, rules, or events, check out our Broken Roads page.

GenCon: 7/30 - 8/2/15 

If you're interested in attending GenCon and would like to be part of an organized mass transport of some kind, check out our GenCon Sign-up Page. Right now, we're looking to gauge the interest people have in traveling with others. Also, we won't be booking any lodgings, but we're happy to help you find others who are looking to share hotel expenses. 

D&D Encounters: Wednesdays at 7PM

If you've been looking for an RPG that you can attend weekly or sporadically, this might be a good way to go! We have a large group of players, and several DMs on hand to meet the need, so come on in and join a game! 

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