Halloween Week: 10/27 - 10/31/14

All week we will have games and opportunities to earn tickets you can turn in for some fun or delicious items. We've got a fun week of games scheduled:

Monday: Betrayal at House on the Hill
Tuesday: Arkham Horror
Wednesday: Zombies Keepout
Thursday: Eldritch Horror
Friday: Mansions of Madness

You can check out the events and how to earn tickets on our Halloween page.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild: 10/29/14

Every Wednesday is our organized play for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! This week we are playing Salvage Operations and our DM has everything ready to go. Just bring your character deck and meet up with us at 7PM.

X-Wing Dogfight: 11/1/2014 

We've had an escalation tournament and a race over the last couple of months. So this month, we're doin' it "old school." It's a Dogfight!

: 12:15, Start: 12:30
Entry Fee: $5
Squad Size: 100 points (Rebel or Imperial)
Tournament Rounds: 60 minutes 
Prize Support: Yes! We'll scale to the number of participants.

Blighterghast League: 11/3/2014 - 11/29/14

It's time for the final chapter in the Scars of Caen story!  Sign-up and play starts on Monday, 11/3, and will run until Saturday, 11/29, at store close. Patches will be handed out as players purchase their spot in the league. 

League members will have a reduced fee for the 11/22 Steamroller tournament and can earn an additional three points for participating from start to finish in the tournament.

League Entry Fee: $5

Space Movers: 11/4/14

One of the great pleasures we have as a game store is to have local creators come to our store to demo their games. On 11/4 at 7pm the makers of Space Movers, a cooperative science fiction board game, will be demoing their Kickstarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1570349344/space-movers-board-game-and-comic-adventure-relaun

This is a great chance for you to support a local designer and check the game out before you back it!

Eclipse: 11/11/14

We will have Eclipse ready and set up for play at 6PM Tuesday night. All experience levels are welcome and we will have a moderator on hand for those who have never played. 

In Eclipse, you play as one of the major races of the galaxy vying for technologies, territory, and galactic domination! This is definitely a versus game with great game mechanics. If you've liked games such as Twilight Imperium, but don't have the time for an eight plus hour game, Eclipse is a great solution. It's a streamlined, science fiction, civilization building game that deserves the popularity it's earned.

If at the end of the night you buy the game, you can get a second one of equal or lesser value for 30% off. Come in, experience a great game, and vie for galactic domination!

L5R League: 10/6 - 11/29/14

The Legends of the Five Rings is our most popular CCG. We're running a league to encourage even more play between members of our community and to reward those who are already playing all the time. If you've been looking for a place to play, come join the fun!

For more information, check out our league page.

D&D Encounters: Wednesdays at 7PM

If you've been looking for an RPG that you can attend weekly or sporadically, this might be a good way to go! We have a large group of players, and several DMs on hand to meet the need, so come on in and join a game!

Pathfinder Society:

Pathfinder is a great way to get into role playing! The organized play allows flexibility whether you're looking for a weekly game or want to simply come and go as your schedule allows. You can check out information at the Hornet's Nest Lodge, our PFS lodge for the Charlotte area.

If you want to secure your seat in the games, be sure to check out Hornet's Nest Calendar. This will lead you to Warhorn where you can get details (such as requisite character level) and register for events. You are welcome to walk in and play, but those who register will have priority seating!

Social Media:

We post our events, current and upcoming, on our various social media sites.

You can follow us on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.

Your Local Game Store

Your Local Game Store
Located in the Charlotte area, directly across from the Matthews Downtown Post Office, Your Local Game Store is a family friendly game store specializing in board games and tabletop games for all ages and interests.

We have tables for you to use, and many different kinds of games in our Games Library for you to play. We have party games, strategy games, kids games, role playing games, and lots more for you to check out. Not sure what game to try next? Let us help find the right game for you!

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