Closed on Thanksgiving

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you on Friday for the Black Friday sale!

Black Friday Sale: 11/28/14

Buy an item and get an equal or lesser valued item for 20 - 30% off.**

Anyone coming into the store can take advantage of this promotion and receive a 20% discount on the second item. However, our members with active accounts as of Wednesday, 11/26/14, get 30% off that additional item.

So come into the store, activate your account, and let us help you plan out the games you want to get. We can even set up a gift registry for you so your friends and family can take advantage of the sale while buying you the perfect gift!

**This promotion can be used multiple times and does not include foam, Sabol Army Transports, or concessions. The 30% is taken off of the item's original retail price.

Settlers of Catan Tournament: 11/29/14

We're having another Settlers of Catan Tournament! Individuals who bring their copy of the game to play in the event will be entered into a raffle!

: 10:30AM, Start: 11AM
Entry: $10
Format: We'll be dividing people into three or four people per tournament pod (board). We'll be trying to make sure each pod has four people where possible. After the first round, the winners from each pod will play each other, second place will play each other, and so forth. There will be a minimum of two rounds, though we might have to run more if we have enough participants.
Prize Support: The winner of each round will receive a prize. The champion of the tournament will win a grand prize.

As a stronghold store, we've had The New Order in for a little over two weeks. It's time to bring in your modified decks and test them out!

L5R Strict Tournament: 11/29/14

Entry: $10
Format: Constructed - Strict
Prize: It will scale to the number of participants, but expect cards, boxes, and in-store credit based on attendance. We are really excited to see everyone in and playing!

Doomtown Casual Play and Demo: 12/2/14

Come learn and play Doomtown tonight at 6PM. All experience levels are welcome and the more the merrier. Also, don't forget we have a tournament on Friday night at 6:30PM so this is great time for practice or to learn to play!

If you play Doomtown and decide to buy the game tonight, you can get a second game of equal or lesser value for 30% off!

Doomtown Tournament 12/5/14

It's our first Doomtown tournament so get ready to slap some leather!

Time: 6:30PM
Entry: $10
Prize Support: The first OP kit with promo cards, deck tins, and a playmat will be given out!

Table-sized game mats: 12/5/2014

A couple of months ago we posted about getting F.A.T mats into the store. Many of you have had the chance to look at and play on our demo mat and we've heard a lot of "This is a great mat." We agree. However, to be able to carry this product, we have to order a large number. To make this feasible, we need to have multiple pre-orders.

So, we're going to make a call out to see who wants to pre-order these mats. If you want a mat, please either call, e-mail or come into the store and let us know. If you have previously mentioned wanting these mats, please let us know that you do still. We need a solid set of numbers before we can make this invest cost.

F.A.T. has launched some new styles and types, so check out their website.  Their prices are what we would charge for the items and you'll not have to pay shipping.

We need to know by 12/5/2014.


Blighterghast League: 11/3/2014 - 11/29/14

It's time for the final chapter in the Scars of Caen story!  Sign-up and play starts on Monday, 11/3, and will run until Saturday, 11/29, at store close. Patches will be handed out as players purchase their spot in the league. 

League members will have a reduced fee for the 11/22 Steamroller tournament and can earn an additional three points for participating from start to finish in the tournament.

League Entry Fee: $5

L5R League: 10/6 - 11/29/14

The Legends of the Five Rings is our most popular CCG. We're running a league to encourage even more play between members of our community and to reward those who are already playing all the time. If you've been looking for a place to play, come join the fun!

For more information, check out our league page.

D&D Encounters: Wednesdays at 7PM

If you've been looking for an RPG that you can attend weekly or sporadically, this might be a good way to go! We have a large group of players, and several DMs on hand to meet the need, so come on in and join a game!

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Organized Play: Wednesdays at 7PM

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has been a great game that many in our community have enjoyed. We play a lot ourselves and love the feel of the game. It's nice to sit down with something that feels very familiar and RPG-like, and yet it can be just one or two people playing. Another benefit is that it fits into nap times pretty easily.

So, if you're like us, and you have loved getting into this game and playing it alone, with a friend, or with many friends, then you've probably been excited about the organized play Paizo announced. Well, you're not alone - so are we!

Every Wednesday we have a DM lined up to run our PFSACG games. So if you want more PFACG, we've got it here at the store. If you're someone who hasn't gotten to experience it yet, then come to Your Local Game Store and learn all about it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Pathfinder Society:

Pathfinder is a great way to get into role playing! The organized play allows flexibility whether you're looking for a weekly game or want to simply come and go as your schedule allows. You can check out information at the Hornet's Nest Lodge, our PFS lodge for the Charlotte area.

If you want to secure your seat in the games, be sure to check out Hornet's Nest Calendar. This will lead you to Warhorn where you can get details (such as requisite character level) and register for events. You are welcome to walk in and play, but those who register will have priority seating!

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