Food Drive Saturday Sale and Events: 11/19/16

On Saturday, 11/19, we will be hosting a food drive for Matthews Help Center's Food Pantry that serves local families in the Charlotte, Stallings, Mint Hill, and Matthews area. There are three events planned for this day:
1. Cans for Games. Bring in cans to get money off of games!
2. Food Machine (Warmachine/Hordes Event)
3. D&D for Food

To get all the details, check our our event which includes times and a list of items needed by the Food Pantry.

Santa is Coming!

Santa and Mrs. Claus are coming to the store! They will be here three times to meet with families and take pictures. We will not have a professional photographer available, but you are welcome to take pictures with them for free. This is a great way to meet with the couple, get a chance to visit and not have to wait in a long line.

Santa Visits:

Friday, 12/2: 5:30 - 7:30PM
Monday, 12/5: 2 - 6PM
Saturday, 12/24: 3 - 5PM

Game Demos and Casual Play:
We run a lot of demos at Your Local Game Store and they are all free. These demos are meant for everyone of all experience levels. We will have someone on hand for these events that can teach the game to new players, but we welcome veterans as well. Feel free to bring in your game and other games you like. When the demo finishes, you can often find people looking for another game to get in on. 

Check out our demo page to see what's coming over the next few weeks and to learn about demos for kids and families.


For details on our tournaments, check out our tournament page.

Recurring Events:

These events occur weekly or monthly on the same day and time.
  • X-Wing - Casual Play: Mondays at 6PM
  • Magic Commander (EDH) - Casual Play: Tuesdays at 6PM
  • DM Discussions: Tuesdays at 6 - 8PM
  • Force of Will - Casual Play: Tuesdays at 6PM
  • Yu-Gi-Oh - Casual Play: Tuesdays at 5PM
  • D&D Adventurers League: Wednesdays at 7PM
  • Pokemon - League Play: Fridays at 5PM
  • Casual Magic Tournaments/Play: Alternating Fridays at 7PM
  • Board Games - Casual Play and Demos: Saturdays at 6PM
  • Kids Casual Play and Demos: First Saturdays at 6PM.
  • Warhammer 40K - Casual Play: Second Saturdays 11AM - 6PM
  • D&D Adventurers League: Third Saturdays 6PM
Pathfinder Society: Every Other Friday at 7PM

The Charlotte area Venture Captain is going to be running PFS organized play at the store. He will run these official game nights every other Friday at 7PM. Anyone is welcome, no experience required. Come with a character, or we can print out pre-generated characters for you. However we can help.

To reserve a seat check out Warhorn.

To keep up on news and announcements check out the facebook page

Social Media: 

We post our events, current and upcoming, on our various social media sites. 

You can follow us on Facebook and Google +.

Your Local Game Store

Your Local Game Store
Located in the Charlotte area, directly across from the Matthews Downtown Post Office, Your Local Game Store is a family friendly game store specializing in board games and tabletop games for all ages and interests.

We have tables for you to use, and many different kinds of games in our Games Library for you to play. We have party games, strategy games, kids games, role playing games, and lots more for you to check out. Not sure what game to try next? Let us help find the right game for you!

Store Hours:
 Monday - Thursday
 Noon - 10 pm
 Friday  Noon - Midnight
 Saturday  10 am - Midnight
 Sunday  Closed