Shadowrun Missions: 

We want to KA Lowe for running the SRMs on Saturday. We had a great turn out! We're excited to see have it at the store again - hopefully sooner rather than later!

L5R League: 

We wrapped up the league on Saturday! Thanks to everyone who played and gave us feedback for future leagues. We'll be starting the next one up in October and it will run through November. We'll post the changes we make to the format and look forward to having even more members!

Scaefang League: 8/4 - 8/30

We are participating in the Scars of Caen Storyline. There are two remaining leagues for this story. Sign-up and play for the Scaefang League starts on Monday and will run until 8/31 at 2PM. At 2PM, we will have an award event for the league. Patches will be handed out as players purchase their spot in the league.

League Entry Fee: $5

Magic 2015 Game Day: 8/9/14

It's been three weeks since the official release of Magic 2015. We will be holding a Game Day Standard Event. Bring your best Standard deck with you!

Magic 2015 Game Day
Time: 11am
Entree Fee: $5
Prize Support: Scales with number of participants. This will include a Magic 2015 Game Day Play Mat and foil, alternate-art, full-art promo cards at the minimum.

L5R: The Coming Storm Sealed Tournament: 8/9/14

We're holding a sealed deck tournament. "The Coming Storm" draft kit plus two packs will be used for this sealed event.
Start: 6PM
Event Fee: $25
Format: One Draft kit plus two "The Coming Storm" boosters per person. Thirty-five minutes to construct decks. Draft rules on deck construction will be used.
Prize Support: We will be using the draft kit prize support for this event.

Pathfinder Society:

We have PFS in the store! It runs every Tuesday and Friday at 6PM.
You can check out information at the Hornet's Nest Lodge, our PFS lodge for the Charlotte area.

If you want to secure your seat in the games, be sure to check out Hornet's Nest Calendar. This will lead you to Warhorn where you can get details (such as requisite character level) and register for events. You are welcome to walk in and play, but those who register will have priority seating!

Social Media:

We post our events, current and upcoming, on our various social media sites.

You can follow us on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.

Your Local Game Store

Your Local Game Store
Located in the Charlotte area, directly across from the Matthews Downtown Post Office, Your Local Game Store is a family friendly game store specializing in board games and tabletop games for all ages and interests.

We have tables for you to use, and many different kinds of games in our Games Library for you to play. We have party games, strategy games, kids games, role playing games, and lots more for you to check out. Not sure what game to try next? Let us help find the right game for you!

Store Hours:
 Monday - Thursday
 Noon - 10 pm
 Friday  Noon - Midnight
 Saturday  10 am - Midnight
 Sunday  Closed