Kickstart Ghostbusters: The Board Game with YLGS until 3/9/15

**Ghostbuster Kickstarter: We heard from Cryptozoic today, and it appears that retailers will only be eligible for the Ecto-1 upgrade and the Slimer Boss (unique to retailer backers). If you were hoping to get the exclusive add-ons associated with either Paranormal or Mass Hysteria, you will need to back with the Kickstarter directly.

We're sorry for the confusion. For those who aren't sure yet if they will back the Kickstarter, we will be. This means you can wait to decide and when you do want to get it, we'll have it at the store with the Ecto-1 upgrade and the glow-in-the-dark Slimer Boss. 

If you'd still like to back with us and get that Slimer Boss, y
ou can sign up here.

Kickstart Epic PvP: Fantasy with YLGS: Extended until 3/10/15

AEG and Fun to 11 have created a great way for retailers to be a part of their Kickstarter for Epic PvP: Fantasy and we've been able to become a part of it. Until 3/10/15, you can back Epic PvP: Fantasy with us and get all of the same stretch goals and awards that any other backer gets! It doesn't cost you anymore than any other backer, and we'll get the shipments at the same time all the other kickstart supporters do! You can sign up online, at the store, or give us a call!

We'll be running demos of this game on Monday 3/2 and 3/9 as well as Friday, 3/6. All demos will be at 7PM.

Epic PvP: Fantasy Demo: 3/6 and 3/9/2015

All experience levels welcome.

Epic PvP is a simple and fun shuffle deck game. Players pick a class and a race, shuffle up their decks and battle it out to the death! It's a fast game that promises to have a lot of replayability.

So, come in and check out the game. If you love it and want to own it, you can sign up to back it through the store!      

Start: 7PM

Arcadia Quest- Casual Play and Demo: 3/10/2015

All experience levels welcome.

Lead guilds of intrepid heroes on an epic campaign to dethrone the vampire lord and reclaim the mighty Arcadia for your own. But only one guild may lead in the end, so you must battle against other players as well as against the monstrous occupying forces.

If you demo and buy Arcadia Quest tonight, you can get a second game of equal or lesser value for 30% off.

Start: 6:30PM

Eldritch Horror- Casual Play: 3/13/2015

All experience levels are welcome.

Happy Friday the 13th! Tonight you can play as part of a group of investigators, gallivanting around the globe trying to stop an elder being from destroying the world!

Start: 7PM

Zombies Keep Out!- Casual Play: 3/13/2015

All experience levels welcome.

In honor of Friday the 13th, we will be running Zombies Keep Out! Come play as part of a goblin bodger group desperately trying to build crazy machines of zombie destruction to keep the gathering horde out of your base!

Start: 6:30PM

Iron Kingdoms RPG- Demo Day: 3/14/2015

All experience levels welcome!

For anyone who has been interested in the Iron Kingdoms RPG, the local Press Ganger will be running demos all day. The first session will begin at 11AM and a new session will run every three hours until 8PM.

Each session can hold four players - so if you want to secure a spot, come a bit before 11AM to sign up. When 11AM is full, players can sign up for 2PM, and so forth. You don't need to bring anything to play, and if you can't make it in at 11AM, feel free to walk-in for the 2PM and 5PM sessions. The goal is three full session!

Quick Overview:

Start: 11AM
Cycle: Every 3 hours
Players: 4/game
Number of Sessions: 3

Twisted Steel- IKRPG: 3/14/2015

The local PG will be running demo games during the day, but at 8PM, he will set up for Twisted Steel, the Riven Bonds scenario. There are only five spots available, so if you want to secure a spot, sign up. Players are welcome to walk-in as well in case someone doesn't show.

Start: 8PM

L5R: Ivory Strict Tournament: 3/14/2015

While we all anticipate the coming of Twenty Festivals, we shouldn't idle away the time. So, we're going to keep up our skills and challenge our decks with a fun, casual tournament night!

Time: 6PM
Entry: $5
Format: Ivory Strict
Prizes: Absolutely. This is a low-key tournament, so expect to see card prize out. If we have a strong gathering, we may have some boxes and play mats as well!

XCOM- Casual Play and Demo: 3/17/2015

All experience levels welcome.

Players take on the role of elite leaders in an organization called XCOM. Their job is to save humanity and mount a last battle to repel the invading aliens for good. This game has an interesting and innovative part to it - a free digital app. The app helps to coordinate the escalating alien invasion, as well as teaches the rules and streamlines general game play. (Paraphrased from FFG)

If you demo and buy XCOM tonight, you can get a second game of equal or lesser value for 30% off.

Star Trek Attack Wing- Tholian Web: 3/17/2015

We have an active group of players, so come play some Attack Wing tonight!

Start: 6:30PM
Squadron Size: 100 points preconstructed
Entry Fee: $5 (no blinds)
Prize Support: Tholian Webb OP kit

Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease: 3/20 - 3/21/2015

It's time for the release of the third Khans of Tarkir set. Because our pre-release events tend to be so popular, we've created a sign up so you can secure your first and second choice clans.

Friday: Sign in: 11:30PM, 12:00AM (mid-night):
Format: Sealed Deck
Entry Fee: $30
Prize Support: Yes, it will be based on the number of attendants. Expect to see a lot of booster packs and playmats to be given out.

Saturday: 1:00PM
Format: Sealed Deck
Entry Fee: $30
Prize Support: Yes, it will be based on the number of attendants. Expect to see a lot of booster packs and possibly playmats to be given out.

Draco Magi- Casual Play: 3/21/15

All experience levels welcome.

Draco Magi is a great two-player game with Dragons. You and your opponent are apprentices to the Dragon King who has died. To succeed the throne and become Draco Magi, each apprentice must gather the gems needed to perform "the spell of succession." You must battle against your fellow apprentice, calling on the powers of your dragons to gain the gems first and win.

"Draco Magi is a fast game heavily connected to its theme that incorporates area control, bluffing, hand management, deck building and deduction." (Board Game Geek.)

Start: 3PM

DC Justic League Dice Masters- Casual Play: 3/24/15

Tonight is a night to come in and play some friendly rounds with others who have been collecting the dice and cards. If you're new to the world of Dice Masters, our players are pretty friendly folk who enjoy teaching and sharing their love of this clever play system.

For those of you who don't know much about Wizkids' Dice Masters, here is a quick break down. Dice Masters is a game where players collect dice and cards. Then, players assemble their “team” of character dice and cards and battle in a head-to-head game. It's a simple, fast paced game that takes probably five minutes or so to learn and ten minutes to get comfortable with playing. However, there is strategy and planning to the game as well.

In the DC Justice League release the dice and cards will include characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Stargirl, Red Tornado, Hawkman, Black Manta, Brainiac, and Lex Luthor.

Each release of Dice Masters has the same general mechanics using dice and cards, but the themes and abilities will vary.

Start: 6:30PM

DC Justic League Dice Masters- DRAFT: 3/27/2015

DC Justice League Dice Masters hit the store last week. We'll be doing a Rainbow Draft event today:

Start: 7:30PM
Entry: $15
Format: In the simplest terms: Each player will get 12 booster packs. Also, each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards. A specific method of opening cards and sorting dice will follow. By the end, all players will have drafted and good times will be had.

Prize Support: We actually delayed the draft so we could use the DC Dice Masters: Trinity War Storyline OP Kit 1. As of 2/12/15, WizKids believes it will release this kit by 3/25. If that holds up, we'll be using it as prize support. If not, expect boosters, play mats, and potentially in-store credit as prize support.

Dragons of Tarkir - Draft: 3/27/2015

The third set of Khans of Tarkir is now fully released and for sale at the store, so you can get your heart's desire of it! This is a unique release because it is the last time Wizards will be doing a three set block cycle. So, come on in and play your last official release of a third set!

6:45PM, Start: 7PM
Entry Fee: $15
Format: Draft
Prize Support: Naturally! Look for store credit, play mats, promos, and packs.

X-Wing Race: 3/28/2014

Last September our players had a great time competing in an X-Wing Race. It's offers a fun change of pace for the community. Additionally, it's a fast contest and leaves time for some casual games afterwards.The rules for your squadrons are a little more complex so the details are on the website.

Time: 12PM
Entry Fee: $5
Format: Essentially, each player (aka sponsor) can spend up to 40 pts on their squadron - without using unique pilots or upgrades. Players will then race around the board going around or through three asteroids and then flying off the field. The details on our website will help you plan your squadron more carefully.
Prize: In-store credit or the Spring 2015 kits if we have then in the store by then.
Registration: We have a registration page to secure a spot. Walk-in players are welcome and we hope to have enough to run two or three full races simultaneously!

Imperial Assault- Demo: 3/28/2015

All experience levels welcome.

A lot of people have been curious about Imperial Assault. Well, now is the change to try it out. One of our players wants to demo and play it on Saturday. If you've played Descent, you will have a feel for the game play of Imperial Assault. If you don't know either game, then here's a quick idea of how it runs.

First it has two methods of play. Players can either do a one shot encounter or run a full campaign over time. Personally, I can tell you that campaigns are fun with this type of game. Second, the theme of the game is the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire after the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4. Lastly, these are fun games that give a player the sense of an adventure but allow for one to play a shorter session than a full on RPG.

The demo can only accommodate five players. If you want to secure a spot, you'll need to sign up. Alternatively, you can opt to show up and see how the numbers fall.

Because this is a demo, we are anticipating a four hour game time.

Start: 11AM

Small World- Casual Play and Demo: 3/31/2015

All experience levels welcome.

In Small World, players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all. That really sums up what is happening. Players choose a race and unique power and start trying to take over the board. This is a fun game. The learning curve isn't too steep and with just a couple of rounds, you're in the middle of the game having a great time!

If you demo and buy Small World tonight, you can get a second game of equal or lesser value for 30% off.

Start: 6:30PM

Battletech Grinder: 4/3/2015

All experience levels welcome.

Ever wanted to learn Battletech? Haven't played in a while, and just want to jump back in? The Grinder is a fun and easy way for all experience levels to play and have a good time. If you have to leave early, not a problem. If you can't make it at the start, you can still jump in later in the evening.

Start: 7PM - 10PM

**All materials to participate in the Grinder will be provided but player are welcome to bring dice (D6) and pencils**

Path of Devastation: Riven Bonds League 3/2 - 3/28/2015

We have an official page for the Riven Bonds League. There are no awards inherent in the league, but we will be adding four possible awards during Riven Bonds to see the feedback from our community. To find out more information on rules, awards, etc. check out our Riven Bonds Site.

L5R League:

Wow! The league has come to an end and the Crane Clan blew all the clans out of the water for influence - though the Unicorn gave them a run for it. Well done to the Crane players! A huge congratulations to Mychal E., our Unicorn Clan Champion, who won the top placement for overall player points.

Thank you everyone who has been playing in the league and made this a great season. We've gotten some feedback already and in future leagues, you'll see some updates to the scoring system.

The next league will start in April and run until the end of May.

D&D Encounters: Wednesdays at 7PM

If you've been looking for an RPG that you can attend weekly or sporadically, this might be a good way to go! We have a large group of players, and several DMs on hand to meet the need, so come on in and join a game!

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Organized Play: Tuesdays at 7PM

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has been a great game that many in our community have enjoyed. We play a lot ourselves and love the feel of the game. It's nice to sit down with something that feels very familiar and RPG-like, and yet it can be just one or two people playing. Another benefit is that it fits into nap times pretty easily.

So, if you're like us, and you have loved getting into this game and playing it alone, with a friend, or with many friends, then you've probably been excited about the organized play Paizo announced. Well, you're not alone - so are we!

Every Wednesday we have a DM lined up to run our PFSACG games. So if you want more PFACG, we've got it here at the store. If you're someone who hasn't gotten to experience it yet, then come to Your Local Game Store and learn all about it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Pathfinder Society:

PFS will be back and running on Tuesdays later this year. The PFS Venture Captain is currently running a long, locked-in module. If you are interested in watching or possibly joining his group, please come on by Tuesday nights around 6PM!

Social Media:

We post our events, current and upcoming, on our various social media sites.

You can follow us on Facebook and Google +.

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