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L5R Mailing List

L5R is our most popular CCG at the store. We have a solid group of regular players who love the game and are willing to teach anyone who comes to the store.  If you'd like to hear about tournaments, leagues, and casual events, sign up here for the mailing list.

Twenty Festivals Scheduling:

As many of our L5R players know, AEG has experienced problem after problem with getting Festivals into the States. It is in no way their fault, and they are doing their best to keep us updated: http://www.l5r.com/2015/02/05/19940/. We appreciate how forthright they are being with the issues plaguing this shipment.

For now, we are setting tentative dates for events and releases. If something solid comes through the pipeline, we'll be letting you all know. Until then, all of this is fluid and subject to the mercy of the great Dragon of Water. So, what can you assume?

1. When we get the Stronghold Store release of Twenty Festivals, we will have two sealed starter deck events that weekend. One will be on Friday at 6:30PM, the other on Saturday at 6:30PM. The cost will be $25 and we will be using Twenty Festival starters - naturally.

2. When Twenty Festivals officially releases, we will have two draft tournaments, one on Friday at 6:30PM and one on Saturday at 6:30PM. The cost will be $20 and all four packs will be Twenty Festivals.