Blood Bowl Blitzmania League - February 4 to March 12

Anyone can join and it's free.

Blood Bowl is at Your Local Game Store and we're excited to run the official Blitzmania league from February 4 to March 12th. You can use proxied models and if you don't have a board or dice, you can use the store copy. We're calling Thursday and Friday nights from 6 - 10PM League nights. You can play any other night, but those are designated nights for table space.

Before you can play, you have to register your teams on Game Workshop's Blitzmania League site.

You can play any of the 23 teams. The rules for those teams not found in the Deathzone Season One rulebook can be found here.

Rules references and most team lists can be found here.
These rules have some variations from what will be used during the Blitzmania League. You can find these differences here.

During Blitzmania, all games are official league games, there are no friendlies. There are no maximum number of official games between players. Players will report game results to us, we will record them on the publicly displayed league poster and on the GW website. While players do not have to play at the store, only games played in the store will be recorded on the league poster and this poster will be used to determine the top players. We will, of course, still report to the website any league games whether played on the premises or not. Individual team scores only become visible on the website once three games are played by that team.

Point values have been changed: win = 3, draw = 1, loss = -2. 

There will be prize support for the top players.