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D&D Expeditions

We host D&D Expeditions every third Saturday of the month. If you're looking to try out 5th Edition for the first time, or you are a veteran looking for a casual group to join for a fun night of adventure, come check out our Expeditions night. Each adventure lasts 4 - 6 hours. If you want to DM an event, please let us know at contact@yourlocalgamestore.com. 

Also, we have a youth game scheduled for Saturdays. If your child is between 10 and 16, this is a great way to get them into a peer group for play. Parents do need to be in the store to help monitor their children. While children will get priority seating for this game, parents are welcome to participate if there is room.

Date: 1/16/2016
Time: 6PM
Cost: Free

If you'd like to be on the mailing list for D&D events outside of Expeditions, sign up here: Mailing List.