Free RPG Day

June 20th is the annual Free RPG Day. If you aren't familiar with Free RPG Day, this is a day when people come together to play new or familiar RPGs as well as several other games. We hope to have events all day that you can play in. We give out materials throughout the day related to what people play. We have several games scheduled now and as we confirm new games and DMs we will add them here. So keep an eye out for additions to the schedule.

If you are interested in running a game, please let us know. We'd love to have you share your favorite genre of RPG. If you'd like to run a game but you don't know which one, check out the list of adventures we are receiving. We'd love to have you run one of the scenarios.

Last note, we are starting a mailing list for Free RPG Day so that we can get in contact with people every year that are interested. You can sign up for it along with any other games you might be interested in on our Mailing List page.

Free RPG Day Game Schedule:
  • 10AM: The Drowned Tower - Tier 2 D&D 5th
  • 12PM: Paranoia
  • 1PM: Mayhem in the Earthspur Mines - Tier 2 D&D 5th
  • 1PM - 5PM: Savage Worlds DEADLANDS: Hell on Earth
  • 3PM: We Be Goblins Free - Pathfinder
  • 6PM: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with promo cards
  • **Monday, 6/22 at 1PM: Castles and Crusades. DM could not make it for Saturday.
Free RPG Day Adventures and Games:
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics: GM Screen and Adventure Module
  • Castles & Crusades Adv.: "Shadows of a Green Sky"
  • Munchkin
  • We Be Goblins Free - Module
  • Cosmic Patrol Quickstart with Missions
  • Shadowrun: Return to Sender?
  • BattleTech Quickstart: A Time of War: BT RPG
  • Valiant Universe: Quickstart Rules and Scenario
  • Through the Breach RPG
  • Kobolds Ate My Baby Adv.: "YOU IZ KOBOLD" - Quickstart Rules and Adventure
  • 13th Age: At Land's Edge
    • This is Gareth Hanrahan's prequel to The Eyes of the Stone Thief.
  • Black Night's Agents:
    • FreeRPGDay features an introductory adventure for Night’s Black Agents set in Marrakesh – a truly inspired location for intrigue, parkour chases and atmosphere. I playtested this, and as is so often the case with Night’s Black Agents, the players did most of the work. This supplement will be released in a rare flip book with a 13th Age adventure – grab it when it’s released in your FLGS.
  • ATLANTIS: The Second Age Module:
    • Trouble in Potos is an adventure set in the antediluvian world of ATLANTIS! The heroes are tasked to stop vile kidnappers in the land of the Lotus Eaters!
  • HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone
    • Prison break! A noble senator’s wayward son is unjustly imprisoned on a distant prison planet and the heroes are tasked with finding him.