Guild Ball Tournament Info

Registration is full.

Pundit Matt will be the Judge and TO for our first Guild Ball tournament! This tournament will be limited to 16 players. Our prize support is coming from TieBreak. Registration is full at this time, but you are welcome to stop by on the day of the tournament to see if any spots open up.

For the tournament rules check out here.

What you need to know for the tournament:

Date: Saturday, 5/14/16
Check-in: 10:30
Kick-off: 11AM Sharp
Entry Fee: $10
Player Cap: 16
Tournament Length: It's Not Over Till its Over (Swiss) - 4 Round Event (9-16 players)
Match Length: Play to the Final Whistle (12 VP)
Round Length: Team Tactics (45 minutes per player - 110 minutes total, Admin/Clockout Time: 20 minutes total)
Team Roster Selection: The First Team - Captain, Mascot plus 4 Models for all games
Match Roster Selection: N/A