Halloween Week

Happy October and Halloween!

During the week of Halloween, 10/27 - 10/31/14, we'll be hosting games and giving out prizes. All week, if you win a game that is Horror/Halloween themed you earn a ticket. If you are planning to play a game that takes longer to play (i.e. Arkham Horror) check in with the employee on duty to qualify for a higher ticket count. In a cooperative game, all players earn a ticket if they win. On Halloween, wear your costume to the store and we'll give you two tickets!

Tickets can be redeemed throughout the week for:

1 ticket = mixed candy
2 tickets = water
3 tickets = chips or canned soda
4 tickets = dollar candy
10 tickets = Bones Mini < $3
20 tickets = Bones Mini < $6

Also, we've scheduled games throughout the week. Each game will start at 6PM. Those that participate in the game can buy it for 10% off that night. If you'd like to earn an extra ticket running one of these games for us, contact us at admin@yourlocalgamestore.com to set it up.

Monday: Betrayal at House on the Hill
Tuesday: Arkham Horror
Wednesday: Zombies Keepout
Thursday: Eldritch Horror
Friday: Mansions of Madness

If there are other games you'd like to run at the store for extra tickets, contact us to set up the day and time.