Epic PvP: Fantasy Kickstarter

Extended time frame to kickstart with the store: 3/10/15. The kickstarter is over, but you can still sign up with us.

AEG is one of those great game companies that we love to do business with. They have excellent products that they support well, and they keep small retailers in mind when they do releases and organized play.

Recently, AEG has partnered with Fun to 11 to create a new game called Epic PVP: Fantasy, and yet again, they have kept retailers in mind while developing this Kickstarter. Because of the program they've created, we'll be kickstarting Epic PVP: Fantasy, too.

What does this mean for our players? You can kickstart the game through us and still get all the benefits of stretch goals and price. We will submit your kickstarter information at the end of the drive and your copy will come to the store at the same time as all other kickstarters. You get your game and support not only the great companies that made it, but us as well! We are so grateful to AEG for coming up with a way to make Kickstarters include small retailers and still give our players great benefits. It's awesome!

You can check the game out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1225737959/epic-pvp-fantasy  I know we're looking forward to some epic battles!