Pro Dice Circuit – 2016 Store Championship: 1/2/15

The Pro Dice Circuit is meant to provide a new level of competitive organized play for Dice Masters. We will be hosting one of the 2016 store Championships. We have enough Pro Dice Circuit D6 die for the first 10 participants. These are unique to the 2016 Store Championships.

Registration is from 10:00 - 11:00 AM
First pairings will be announced at 11:00 AM

Format: Unlimited Constructed (All cards released at least 1 week prior to the event are legal for play). The event structure will be a # of Swiss Rounds followed by a Top 4 Cut to Single Elimination. The # of Swiss Rounds will be determined by how many players you have at your event. For 4-8 players, 3 rounds. 9-16 players would be 4 rounds.

Prize Support: The first 10 participants will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit D6 die created only for the 2015-2016 Store Championships. The winner of the event will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit Play Mat created only for winners of 2015-2016 Store Championships and will also receive free entry to the Pro Dice Circuit State Championship if one is held in his or her state. We will also have past OP prize and participation cards available as additional door and prize cards.

Event Guidelines: For more information regarding how Pro Dice Circuit events will be run, please visit

Entry Fee: $5