Warmachine/Hordes Play Day - October 24th

Warmachine and Hordes are two of the most played games at YLGS. We want to celebrate these great games with a fun day of playing! If you've never played this game, it's a great time to come in and learn with our enthusiastic community. We will be giving away tickets for games played and those tickets can be redeemed for prizes throughout the day. 

We will also have a painting contest. Bring in your best painted model by noon and open voting will take place between 12 and 5PM. The winner will be announced at 5PM and will earn four additional tickets.

Here are some basics on how the day will go:
Date: October 24th
Start: 10:15AM
Entry Fee: $2
End Time: Midnight
Ground rules: You cannot pool tickets with another player to get a bigger prize. Tickets can only be redeemed during store hours on 10/24/15.

How to earn tickets:

Win a game 25+ points. (2 tickets)
Lose a game 25+ points. (1 ticket)
Win a game less than 25 points. (1 ticket)
Play a 50+ point game. (1 bonus ticket for winning)
Win a game with a 10 point handicap. (2 bonus ticket)

The following can only be earned once per player:
Someone new to the game plays a demo game. (1 bonus ticket)
Play with a fully painted army. (1 bonus ticket)
Win at least 3 games in a row. (1 bonus ticket)
Lose at least 3 games in a row. (1 bonus good sportsmanship ticket)
Play at least 5 games that day. (1 bonus ticket)


Quarter Candies - 1 ticket
Canned Soda/Chips - 2 tickets
Candy Bars - 3 tickets
Yoo-hoo/Snapple - 4 tickets
Regular paint pot - 5 tickets
Less than $4 dice - 5 tickets
Citadel technical paints - 6 tickets
Less than $6 dice - 7 tickets
Less than $10 dice - 10 tickets
Foam Tray - 15 tickets
Warmachine/Hordes dice - 18 tickets