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X-Wing Race

Six months ago one of our dedicated X-Wing players suggested that our tournament for X-Wing be a race. We ran that race and it was so much fun for our players! Therefore, we're going to have another one. Below is a document listing all the details for the event. Please spread the word. We'd love to run two or three races simultaneously!

**The rules document has been updated.**
    1. There are details on debris maker types and placement
    2. Scum & Villainy are permissible entries.
    3. Feedback Array, like weapons, cannot be used during the first three rounds.

Date: 3/28/2014
Time: 12PM
Entry Fee: $5
Format: Essentially, each player (aka sponsor) can spend up to 40 pts on their squadron - without using unique pilots or upgrades. Players will then race around the board going around or through three asteroids and then flying off the field. The details on the document will help you plan your squadron more carefully.
Prize: In-store credit and some cards from previous X-Wing kits will be available to the race winners.
Registration: Register below to secure a spot. Walk-in players are welcome as well and we hope to have enough to run two full races simultaneously!

YLGS Matthews,
Mar 16, 2015, 4:45 AM