Ticket to Ride Tournament Registration

Spread the word about the tournament! We will be able to take a maximum of 16 players. Registration is not required, but it will secure you a place in the competition. If you bring in your base USA Ticket to Ride, you will be entered into a raffle.

Here are the tournament basics - the registration form is at the bottom:

Date: 9/6/14
Time: 11AM
Entry: $5
Format: We'll be dividing participants into four people per tournament pod (board). If the number of participants is not evenly divisible by four, we will attempt a combination of four and five person pods. Where necessary, we may have to create three player pods, but that will be a last resort. After the first round, the winners from each pod will play each other, second place will play each other, and so forth. There will be two rounds.

Prize Support: We will be using the Ticket to Ride Tournament Kit. The winners from each pod in the first round will each receive a pack of special translucent train cars (one color only). After the second round, the winner of the first place pod will receive a full set of translucent train cars and a medal. The winners of the other pods will each receive a pack of translucent train cars (one color only). Those that bring their Base USA Ticket to Ride game will be entered into a raffle.