We run several tournaments each month. If you don't know how to play some of these games but are curious, be sure to come by or e-mail us. We'd love to help you get involved with the community and set up a demo for you. Also, always check our demo page to see what's new!

Sun and Moon: Guardians Rising Prerelease: 4/29/17

Facebook Event
Registration starts: 10:15AM
Games begin at 11AM

Please join us at Your Local Game Store for the Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising TCG Prerelease!

Star Trek Attack Wing: Drive - Tournament: 5/9/17

Facebook Event
We'll be hosting Star Trek: Attack Wing – Drive.

Start: 6:30PM
Squadron Size: 130 points pre-constructed
Entry Fee: $5
Prize Support: Drive Monthly OP:
     Ten (10) Co-Pilot Limited Edition Participation Prize Cards
     Three (3) Delta Flyer II/Delta Flyer Class Shuttlecraft Limited 
         Edition Competitive Prize Card Pack

MTG: Amonkhet - Game Day: 5/20/17

Facebook Event
Come join us for our MTG: Amonkhet - Game Day tournament!

Start: Noon
Format: Standard
Entry Fee: $10