We run several tournaments each month. If you don't know how to play some of these games but are curious, be sure to come by or e-mail us. We'd love to help you get involved with the community and set up a demo for you. Also, always check our demo page to see what's new!

Magic Casual Booster Drafts
$10 Entry Fee

Booster Drafts are a casual format in which players draft cards and create decks from several booster packs! Drafts are a great way to experience the full flavor of a new Magic set and gain experience as a player.

We encourage rookies and veterans alike to come out and play! For those new to the format come in early and ask to learn the process.

    Friday - 8/4/17
    Friday - 8/18/17
    Friday - 9/1/17
Start: 7PM

Magic Tournament - Standard: 8/25

Happy Friday! Come test out your standard decks with our friendly community of Magic players. This is a casual event, no pressure.

Entry: $5
Format: Standard
Prize Support: Prizes will scale to the number of participants.