Fallen Heroes


Fallen Heroes, the final chapter of the Path of Devastation league, will be running 11/2 - 11/29/15. Participation in the league means that players will get a participation pin and their game results will be recorded on Privateer Press' website.

We will have at least one table every Saturday reserved for league play from 10AM - 5PM. 

League Entry $5

Rules Clarifications:

We will update with additional clarifications as questions arise within the league.

Experience points for Fallen Heroes are based on the player, not the hero or the faction. For example, only 40 points in total can be earned per player for hobby points. If a player uses 20 hobby points on Hero A and then Hero A retires, the player can only earn another 20 hobby points in total to be spent on future heroes.

A player's hero determines a player's faction. A player can retire a hero and choose a new hero in a different faction. In such instances, the player's faction will also change. A player that chooses not to have a hero can play whatever he/she wishes.