Sellers Page:

If you want to sell your games at this event, there are two basic ways to do it:

1. Sell the games yourself and keep the money. All transactions will be done through you. The fee is $1/game you bring to sell at our tables.
  •  Sellers will need to provide their own cash box or credit card scanner and will do all transactions with customers themselves.
  •  Game Check-in: Saturday 7AM - Noon
  •  Yard Sale Hours: 8AM - 5PM 
2. Have the store sell them and receive all sale proceeds as in-store credit. All transactions will be done through the store register and there is no fee.
  • Sellers  will need to label their games with their *ID (this will be the number of your store account) and price so that we know which account to give the money to and what to charge.
  • If you want to be able to haggle your prices - you'll need to be present. We will consider your posted price firm.
  • Game Check-in: Friday 10PM to Close and Saturday 7AM - 3PM
  • Yard Sale Hours: 8AM - 5PM
No matter how you choose to sell your games, the yard sale hours are 8AM - 5PM. We ask that you retrieve your games when the sale ends so that we can clear the space for evening events. Any games that aren't picked up by end of day on Saturday will be considered donations to the store.

*Feel free to ask us for your account ID or create an account well in advance so you can have your games labeled and ready to go when you bring them to the store.