Game Library & Demos

Game Library

We offer a large library of games that can be played for free in our store, or rented and played at home. You can bring a group, or we will try to help you find others to enjoy the games with.

Game Demos

You want a game, but what game? That can be a tough question to answer, and one of the ways we help you figure that out is with game demos. Friday demo nights help introduce players to new games. It's also a chance to gather those that love the game already and have an excellent community experience. We encourage anyone who wants to attend - the demos are free and we have friendly game leaders.

If there's a game you're curious about, tell us about it. We're happy to set up a demo for it so that you and others can learn the game and see if you like it. We want you to get a game that you love and that those you play with will enjoy, too.

Upcoming Demos:

Ex Libris: 1/19/18

All experience levels welcome.

In Ex Libris, you are a book collector looking to become the Grand Librarian of your village. With this position comes great prestige and money. Now it is a race as other book collectors seek the same glory. You must battle them to become the greatest book collector so that you may be called - The Grand Librarian.

Library science has never been so cutthroat.

If you participate and buy Ex Libris during the demo night, you can get a 20% discount.

Start: 7PM