Events Calendar

Recurring Events:

These events occur weekly or monthly on the same day and time.

  • Magic Commander (EDH) - Casual Play: Tuesdays at 6PM
  • Yu-Gi-Oh - Casual Play: Tuesdays at 5PM
  • D&D Adventurers League: Wednesdays at 7PM
  • L5R Casual Play: Thursdays at 6PM
  • Pokemon - League Play: Fridays at 5PM
  • X-Wing - Casual Play: Fridays at 6PM
  • Casual Magic Drafts: Alternating Fridays at 7PM
  • Pathfinder Society: Fridays at 7PM . Calendar/Sign up at Warhorn.
  • Board Game - Demos: Every Friday at 7PM (excluding the first Friday)
  • DM Discussions: Second Saturdays at 6:30 - 8PM
  • D&D Adventurers League: Every third Saturday at 6PM

Painting with Walker: 8/16/18

Start: 6PM

The Legend of the Cherry Tree - Learn to Play: 8/17/18

Start: 7PM

Star Wars Destiny - Store Championship: 8/18/18

: 12:30, Start: 1PM

BarBEARians - Learn to Play: 8/24/18

Start: 7PM

Super Smash Brothers Melee - Tournament: 8/27/18

Start: 4PM

Grackles - Learn to Play: 9/7/18

Start: 7PM

L5R Tournament - Season 2: 9/15/18

: 11AM, Start: Noon

M19 Store Championship: Saturday, 9/15/18

: 12:30PM

Recurring Events

Magic Commander: Every Tuesday.


Casual Play: EveryTuesday.


Adventure League: Every Wednesday


Casual Play: Every Thursday


Pokemon - Official League Play: Every Friday


Magic Casual Drafts: Every Friday

Upcoming Dates: 7/6 - 9/28/18, 7PM

Pathfinder Society: Every Friday.

7PM - 11PM