Game Library

We offer a large library of games that can be played for free in our store, or rented and played at home. You can bring a group, or we will try to help you find others to enjoy the games with.

Game Rentals

Rent a Game for 3-Days!

Games from our extensive library are available to take home as a 3-day rental. Price of these rentals are 10% of the game's retail cost. For example: Splendor (a super fun game) has a retail cost of $39.99 so your price for a 3-day rental would be $4.00.

...And, if after playing your rented game, you decide to buy a copy of it (and you probably will!) this rental fee will go towards your purchase.

New games are constantly expanding our already considerable library, so make sure to check out our in-store Games Library binder. If there's a base/core game that you're interested in trying out, and it's not in our library, let us know. We'll happily open it up for your renting enjoyment!

Room Rentals

We have rooms and they are beautiful, comfy and very quiet. It's a great way to have your regular game or a party. One person can pay for the room or you can share the cost among all party members. Weekly games can qualify for a discount, too!

For pricing information, give us a call or come on in. We can show you the rooms and get your reservation set while you're in.