Room and Table Reservations

Room Rentals

We have rooms and they are beautiful, comfy and very quiet. It's a great way to have your regular game or a party. One person can pay for the room or you can share the cost among all party members. Weekly games can qualify for a discount, too!

Pricing for all Rooms:

  • Monday - Thursday: $25

  • Friday - Saturday: $30

Table Reservations

Our tables are free to play at and open to everyone. However, if you'd like to be sure that you have a table for your group at a specific time, you can make a reservation

Bullet Points of Explanation/Information:

  • Reservations cost $5.

  • Reservations are paid for when they are made.

  • Reservations are valid up to 60 mins after the scheduled start time. If a party is over an hour late, the table and reservation fee are lost.

  • If a party is running late, they may call to extend the grace period beyond an hour - 'cause we know life happens.

  • If you need to cancel we can reschedule the reservation for another time.