Pre-Owned Games

Consignment at YLGS.

If you have a collection of games gathering dust on your "game shelf" know the pass over them on your way to other games. The ones that make you smile at fond memories of play-days-of-yore or scowl at as the pain of past thrashings hits you in the feels. Well you are in luck! Your Local Game Store now has a Consignment section! (queue Oooohhh's)

How does it work you ask?? We are glad you did! Read on!

Bringing an Adopted Game Home

In our ever expanding, ever changing, section of previously loved games you will find Board games, RPG books, and sometimes even miniatures. Items you will NOT find are toys or collectibles.

Attached to each item will be a handy condition report with tons of useful information (such as extras, condition, and price) to help you determine if the game is right for you. If you see something you like, simply bring it up to the register and purchase it. If after you bring your new memory making box of fun home and find out the item doesn't quite match its card, you will have THREE DAYS in which to return it WITH receipt and condition card.

Turning Old Memories into New Ones

If you wish to consign your games at YLGS, first you need to gather your items to consign (five at a time please! Got them? Good!). Next, you will need a YLGS account (of COURSE you already have one right? )

Lastly you will need one of THESE FORMS, which you can print out at home or pick some up at the store to fill out.

Note: you will need a form PER ITEM. Once these steps are done, just bring them in and we shall do the rest!

Important Information (now in smaller packaging)

  • The seller determines a single asking price for the item. This price will be non-negotiable and YLGS will only sell that item at that price. We will not break up item sets.
  • Upon submission, within a reasonable amount of time, YLGS staff will prepare the used game for sale. We will attach a Used Game Sale Sticker (Post-It note adhesive only) to the item and shrink wrap the item before shelving. This note includes the asking price of the game and a summary of the Submission Form condition report.
  • Once shelved, an item will be given at least 60 days to sell. After that time, YLGS may ask that the seller take the item back. An unsold item may not be submitted for sale again for at least another 60 days.
  • Upon the sale of an item, the buyer will be given 3 business days to return the item if he or she does not agree with the Submission Form condition report. This is the only condition under which we will accept a used game return.
  • Four business days after the sale (or as soon as possible), the seller will receive a store credit for 80% of the asking price of the item, as submitted by the seller. YLGS will process any NC Sales Tax associated with the purchase.
  • YLGS has the right to refuse to accept any item due to demand, condition, appropriateness, existing copies already for sale, or any other reason.
  • A Used Game is sold on consignment and remains the property of the original owner until such a time as it sells or is removed from circulation. YLGS does not purchase used games for resale.